Job Vacancy: M&E/knowledge Management Specialist, R4D Programme

 Job Vacancy/Vaga Servisu
Vacancy #        :JAKARTA/2012/019
Organization    :ILO
Duty Station    :Dili - Timor Leste  
dead Line         : 17 Aug 2012 (19 days left)
Level                :P-4
Duration           :Fixed-Term Appointment


The Roads for Development programme (R4D) was officially launched in February 2012 and has been designed as the main donor-funded programme that will support rural roads development, rehabilitation and maintenance in Timor-Leste. R4D is implemented by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in partnership with the Government of Timor-Leste (GoTL). ILO's direct counterpart agency is the Directorate of Roads, Bridges and Flood Control (DFRBC) in the Ministry of Infrastructure (MoI).
The donor contribution of US$30 million over four years is provided by AusAID. The development objective of R4D is that women and men in rural Timor-Leste are deriving social and economic benefits from improved road access. The core thrust of R4D is focusing on capacity development and R4D's immediate objective is that GoTL is more effectively planning, budgeting and managing rural road works using labour based methods, as appropriate.
These objectives will be pursued by a combined strategy of direct investments in road works and supporting GoTL to plan, budget and manage rural road works. Support to GoTL will consist of policy dialogue, technical advice and capacity development. R4D's physical targets include the rehabilitation of 450 km of roads and the routine and periodic maintenance of respectively 1,150 and 700 km of rural roads. This will be a significant contribution to the target set under the GoTL Strategic Development Plan 2011-2030 of rehabilitating all rural roads by 2015.
R4D's staff and management structure will be embedded in DFRBC and DFRBC is currently in the process to establish a new Department of Rural Roads that would become the main counterpart institution for R4D.
The main responsibility of the M&E / Knowledge Management Specialist will be for the establishment, management and implementation of the R4D M&E Framework. He/she will however also have considerable responsibilities for the development and implementation of the R4D Knowledge Management and Communication Strategy and guide the development and the institutionalization of interagency liaison and links (i.e. MoI, MSATM, ADN, and MoF) in support of rural roads management and development.
He/she will also be responsible for the overall architecture of the performance management arrangements for R4D which includes monitoring and assessing the progress and performance - against agreed indicators and/or work plans - related to R4D's immediate objective, scheduled inputs, planned activities, targeted outputs and established procedures, processes and standards (including quality standards). The CTA and the Institutional / Capacity Development Specialist will provide inputs and support to the R4D M&E and Knowledge Management activities, as required. Considering R4D's focus on capacity building, the M&E and KM Specialist will have considerable responsibilities related to the development of M&E and KM capacities among R4D's Government stakeholders.

Reporting lines:

The M&E / Knowledge Management Specialist will report directly to the Chief Technical Advisor of the R4D programme and will work in close collaboration with the Directorate of Roads, Bridges and Flood Control (DFRBC) in the Ministry of Infrastructure (MoI).

Description of Duties

  • Specific M&E tasks and responsibilities:
  1. Finalize the Logical Framework and the M&E Framework using partner systems and structures when possible;
  2. Establish comprehensive baselines, with sex-disaggregated data, including a specific gender baseline, and gender sensitive indicators; 
  3. Analyse performance data and prepare key reports; 
  4. Develop and refine M&E tools and protocols; 
  5. Establish objectively measurable performance indicators and contribute to the promotion of a 'performance culture' within DRBFC; 
  6. Provide technical oversight of key M&E processes, including the development and refinement of tools/approaches to monitor effects/impacts of R4D on the performance of DRBFC and overall development goal, to monitor identified risks; 
  7. Ensure that monitoring and evaluation results are taken into account for the continued implementation of R4D 
  8. Provide inputs to internal and external M&E missions/consultancies, as and when required.

Specific Knowledge Management tasks and responsibilities
  • Responsible for the activities of the Knowledge Management unit or Knowledge Management functionalities within DRBFC that will have the responsibility for capturing, analysing and communicating a range of performance information about the rural roads sub-sector;
  • Assess the current levels of communication capacities and knowledge management and communication and knowledge sharing within MoI/DRBFC and between MoI/DRBFC and other stakeholders; 
  • Develop and implement a communication and knowledge management strategy which allows DRBFC and other key stakeholders to acquire and apply knowledge necessary to enhance GoTL's ability to manage the rural roads sub-sector; 
  • Liaise with key personnel within DRBFC and partner agencies to ensure that the objectives and outcomes of R4D are effectively communicated and shared amongst key stakeholders and that they interface effectively within the GoTL context in order to increase resource allocations to the rural roads sub-sector; 
  • Examine opportunities for strengthening demand driven linkages to program activities supported by R4D and document opportunities for on going strengthening of partner agency liaison within the overall context of R4D; 
  • Examine opportunities for linking identified targets to incentives supported by R4D; 
  • Ensure that the GoTL perspectives with regards to the development and management of the rural roads sub-sector are effectively communicated and acted upon with the MoI and DRBFC operational environment;
Common M&E and KnowledgeManagement related tasks and responsibilities:
  • Conduct training, seminar, workshop, and technical meeting to develop the capacity of the staff members and the stakeholders concerned such as the DFRBC, when necessary;
  • Provide training, coaching and on-the-job support to the various R4D stakeholders with regards to the various R4D related M&E and KM aspects; 
  • Contribute to the development and review of policies and strategies for R4D stakeholders related to M&E and Knowledge Management;
  • Monitor the development of capacities of the R4D stakeholders with regards to M&E and KM and provide inputs and support to the R4D Institutional Capacity Development Specialist and other ILO R4D Specialists with regards to the various M&E andKM (capacity) development activities of these other ILO R4D Specialists
  • Provide inputs in the preparation of budgets for R4D's M&E and KM activities; 
  • Prepare TORs for M&E and KM consultancies, provide inputs in the identification and recruitment of consultants and, as required, oversee the work of M&E and KM consultants; 
  • Undertake any other tasks as assigned by the R4D CTA that are within his/her area of expertise and that are relevant to the assignment.
Required Qualifications
  • education
Advanced university degree with demonstrated expertise in development studies, business management, international development, social science or a related discipline.
  • Experience
Seven years' experience of which five years at the International level, working in sector level performance management, preferably in transport-related international development programs, and experience and understanding of knowledge management (including management information systems) and communications in a development context
  • Languages
Excellent command in spoken and written English is required; knowledge of Portuguese and Tetum is an advantage. The incumbents has to be willing to learn Tetun.
  • Competencies
  1. Knowledge of methods for the monitoring and evaluation of technical and socio-economic aspects of development programmes and projects with specialization in the application of qualitative and quantitative methods;
  2. Knowledge of processes and tools for design, monitoring and evaluation based on the Logical Framework Approach; 
  3. Ability and experience in the delivery of training courses, including informal training and technical support;
  4. Knowledge of participatory methods of monitoring and evaluation and professional experience with organizations in these areas; 
  5. Demonstrated experience and understanding of whole of government operations and policy in the Timor Leste (or similar) context; 
  6. Proven skills in developing and mentoring M&E capacity within counterpart institutions; 
  7. Appreciation of organizational change processes in complex and low capacity environments; 
  8. Knowledge of gender equality mainstreaming concepts and strategies and a demonstrated commitment to gender equality;
  9. Professional and personal endurance and commitment to complete complex assignments efficiently and effectively in a high demanding working environment; 
  10. Demonstrated ability to train, coach and mentor counterpart staff - within an individual, team and organizational context;
  11. Proven ability work as a team player in large and diverse teams and to maintain a good balance between initiating activities and consulting, coordinating and liaising with stakeholders and other concerned parties;
  12. Demonstrated strong analytical and conceptual skills and the ability to prioritize assignments; 
  13. Ability to work independently with minimum supervision. 
  14. Ability to interact and influence management decisions at various levels
  15. Good computing skills, at least in MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint; 
  16. Experience in the use of Management Information Systems (MIS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is an advantage 
  17. Familiarity with the ILO and its work with tri-partite partners will be an advantage.
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