Project Manager, National Directorate for Biodiversity Protection and Restoration (DNPRB), Closing 25 Apr 2014

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Environment, Secretariat of State for Environment (MCIE-SEMA) / National Directorate for Biodiversity Protection and Restoration (DNPRB) in Timor-Leste is seeking

a Project Manager (Timorese national) for the project Revising National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) and develop the 5th National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) by Timor-Leste


Duration          Up to 36 person week (9 months consultancy)

Duty Station       Dili, with travel to districts when required

Responsible      Mr Cristovão Pereira da C. Martins, Lic. Eco., Director - DNPRB



Timor-Leste is a Party to the CBD since 2007. The country’s NBSAP (2011-2020) is being approved in February 2012. Timor-Leste reported first to the CBD through the 4th National Reports in May 2012. The next reporting obligation is due this year. Accurate and comprehensive collection of the relevant data will involve consultation with many stakeholder groups. Inputs from all relevant sectors including industry, education, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, tourism, etc. are critical to a meaningful portrait of the status of implementation of the CBD. Because of the financial support from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) to facilitate the reporting process, UNEP as the implementing agency will also be involved.



Managing and organizing the participatory process in revising NBSAP and preparing the 5th National Report to the CBD, overseeing quality of information and timely delivery of the Report, and communicating to the general public outcomes for biodiversity identified in the Report


·         Providing project oversight, guidance and management

·         Supervising project staff including project assistant, and all consultants and project contractors

·         Responsibility for administrative-financial management (i.e. managing implementation of the project through budgeting, and procurement, and monitoring/auditing these actions in close collaboration with GEF-UNEP)

·         Assisting the Senior Short Term International Expert (SSTIE) upon his/her request, particularly in collecting necessary data and information

·         Awarding all service contracts for specialized tasks such as facilitation of national workshops, training realization, Report translation, etc.

·         Interacting with stakeholders groups and partners, and convening stakeholder workshops

·         Coordinating work of the thematic working groups (Forest Biodiversity, Agro-Biodiversity, Marine and Coastal Biodiversity) that will be established at the beginning of the project, collecting their draft reports for review by the Steering Committee, overseeing quality of information

·         Supervising, coordinating and delivering timely all project outputs such as stakeholder workshops, consultations, the 5th National Report etc.

·         Facilitating public launch of the Report

·         Making the completed Report available in the country’s local language (Tetum) through commission of translation

·         Organizing trainings on further implementation of NBSAP

·         Facilitating publication of key findings and conclusions from the Report to the general public, including positive outcomes from implementation, and remaining challenges

·         Performing any other duties requested by the Project Management Team


Qualifications and Skills:

·         Degree in environmental governance, MBA or a related field;

·         At least 7 years of relevant working experience of which four must be within a context of environmental policies including some experience in implementing multi-disciplinary projects;

·         Demonstrated skills in leadership and management of projects, including planning, budget administration and management in close collaboration with the donor

·         Proven experience in organizing meeting/workshops;

·         Proven ability of communicating information on environmental issues to stakeholder groups;

·         Proven ability to produce public awareness materials and deliver presentations as well as chair workshops;

·         Excellent command of written and spoken English and Tetum (alternatively Bahasa Indonesia);

·         “Self-starter” ability, abilities to work independently and result oriented under tight deadlines;

·         Experience in intercultural communication, strong commitment to diversity and tolerance;

·         Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to motivate and mentor and develop harmonious teams in a cross-cultural environment;

·         Experience in working with Timorese NGOs, authorities, and local communities;

·         Experience in working with GEF-UNEP in a strong asset

·         Experience with CBD and sound understanding of its processes is a plus.


Qualified and interested national experts are requested to submit their letter of interest and CV with two references to Dr Peter Pechacek, Please DO NOT include other documents. Delivery by hand to Mr Cristovão Pereira da C. Martins, MCIE-SEMA, Fomento Building, Dili.


25 April 2014. Only short-listed candidates will be notified.
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