Individual Consultants, DFAT Timor Leste, Closing 29 Step 2014


Ref. No: PI-53

Individual Consultant Services for a Work Health and Safety (WHS) Manager for DFAT Timor Leste

1.    DFAT is funding the Australian Aid program in Timor-Leste. Part of the funds is intended for the procurement of the following individual consultant services:  Work Health and Safety (WHS) Manager

2.    The Procurement and Logistics Support Facility (PLSF) operated by Charles Kendall & Partners (CKP) provides procurement and logistics support services to Australian Aid programs in Timor-Leste and now invites proposals from qualified individuals for the above position. The remuneration package will be based on the Australian Embassy of Timor-Leste rates for locally-based advisory services.

3.    This assignment requires full time presence in Dili and will be initially for 12 months.

4.    The Terms of Reference and the Proposal Response Forms are available on request from the address below. The deadline for submission is 2pm local Dili time on 29 September 2014.

5.    Proposals can be submitted by mail, e-mail or hand delivered to:

1st Lane, Block E, Ground floor
Palm Business & Trade Centre
Surik Mas, Bairro Pite
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