Vaga Servisu : WASH Field Support Officer, Aileu and Lautem, Timor-Leste

Job Vacancy / Vaga Servisu
Closing Date: Sunday, 16 September 2012 
Organisation: Engineers Without Borders Australia (EWB) and Plan Timor-Leste
Job Description
Project Background:
Plan TL's WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) programme is currently located in 2 Districts: Aileu and Lautem. In both districts, activities are implemented through local NGOs (4 in total) where the WASH team's role is to support the technical and management aspects of the project's implementation. The four objectives of the programme are:
  • Improved sanitation and hygiene knowledge and practices in 107 villages and 21 associated primary schools.
  • Improved and sustained access to sanitary facilities for the disposal of human excreta in 107 villages and 21 associated primary schools.
  • Sustained access to safe and socially-inclusive water supply to households and schools provided in 107 villages with emphasis on productive water uses.
  • Enhanced capacity of District Government offices, partners and community-based organisations to plan, implement and monitor improved WASH-sector improvements.
Role Description:
In 2010-11 an EWB volunteer worked on WASH programmes with Plan Timor-Leste and local NGO partners in Aileu District. The new volunteer is expected to continue on from the previous volunteer's work in Aileu to capacity build the local partners NGOs. This position also will require regular visits to the head office in Dili to coordinate with other Plan Timor-Leste programmes.
The volunteer's objectives will include:
  • Improving Plan's local NGO partners' capacity to undertake technical surveys, hydraulic analysis and quality construction works for both water supplies and sanitation facilities.
  • Making recommendations on potential pilot technologies and plans to diffuse them at the District level.
  • Assist local organisations and Plan TL understanding of the Government of Timor-Leste's policies and guidelines.
  • Supporting the Plan WASH program staff to understand and communicate the guidelines for both water supply and sanitation with stakeholders in the Districts.
*There are two positions available - one in Aileu District and one in Lautem District.
It is envisaged that the EWB volunteer would be field based and work with all local NGOs in partnership with Plan TL's WASH Program Manager in charge of the program's implementation. This new EWB volunteer will consolidate and ensure the sustainability of work undertaken by an earlier EWB assignment that finished in 2011.
The role consists of three important phases beginning October 2012, including a 12 month field placement in country commencing on approximately 7th January 2013.
Phase 1: Pre-departure –October 2012
  • Pre-departure preparation (medical clearances, training, administrative)
  • Linking with the Australian based EWB project team if required for the project
  • Linking with a local EWB chapter to enhance your resources and support networks and create opportunities for sharing your experience with members
  • Identifying additional resources and support for the project
  • Communicating with the Partner Organisation to discuss and clarify the project and role requirements
Phase 2: Field operations – January 2013
  • Departure to host country and partner organisations
  • Working alongside your counterpart within the partner organisation to meet your position objectives and build organisational and technical capacity
  • Linking with EWB Field Officers to develop appropriate 'Learning & Change' materials to share with EWB members and partner organisations
Phase 3: Post field alumni – 2014
  • Return to Australia to collaborate with the project team, knowledge hub (if relevant) and with an EWB chapter for a minimum period of 12 months - this is on a casual volunteer basis – e.g. one evening a fortnight
  • Participate in various EWB events including the National Conference and intake presentation evenings
  • Participate in the development and dissemination of 'Learning & Change' materials within the EWB community
  • Mentor future field volunteers preparing to work with the partner organisation
To fulfil this role, the volunteer will receive an allowance for living and basic accommodation while overseas, airfares to your host country at the commencement and completion of the placement, travel and emergency evacuation insurance, technical and personal support from EWB staff and chapters. Desired Skills & Experience
We are looking for people who want to make a difference through a challenging cross-cultural experience, who are committed to having positive impact in overseas communities through all aspects of their placement, and who are willing to share their experiences with others to create change within the engineering sector in Australia. The applicant must be either an Australian or New Zealand citizen or resident, or have a formal and ongoing connection to Australia.
It is important that our volunteers understand that they will be working to build local capacity, rather than manage and deliver a project themselves, and this should always be their key focus.
For this particular role, it is essential that the candidate has:
  • Undergraduate degree in civil engineering or related qualification
  • Pro-active attitude, patience and ability to adapt to various working environments
  • Respect for diversity and cultural differences and interest in Timorese culture
  • Familiarity with water supply design and site construction of reinforced concrete works
  • Good ability to ride motorbikes, preferably motorbike license or willingness to obtain before arriving
  • Able and willing to live in simple accommodation and remote locations (2 hours from the capital)
The ideal candidate would also have meeting the following desirable criteria:
  • Site experience and experience with pipe fittings
  • Experience working in a foreign country
  • Familiarity with Timor-Leste context
  • Aptitude to learn foreign languages.
Our field volunteers are expected to demonstrate the following personal attributes:
Humility Cross-cultural communication skills Empathy and caring for others Enthusiasm and passion Creativity Willingness to learn Adaptability and ability to deal with ambiguity Good understanding of capacity development and current development issues Leadership skills and experience in a leadership role Ruggedness and ability to live in harsh conditions
How to apply: 
Download the application form from -
Please complete and return applications to with "Plan TL" as the subject title. If you are willing to be considered for both Plan TL positions, please note this, along with your preference. Please DO NOT attach CVs, references or any other documentation.
For more information contact Kim Axworthy – South East Asia Program Coordinator:
Ph: +618 6488 8039
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