National MIS/IT Consultant- Ministério da Solidariedade Social -CD 21 de Marco de 2014

Ministério da Solidariedade Social 

Terms of Reference (TOR) for  the Advisory Services by the | MIS/IT National | Consultant for the Implementation of MIS System and ICT Enhancement for Cash Transfer Programs of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, Timor-Leste
The Government of Timor Leste through the Ministry of Social Solidarity (MSS) has in recent years expanded its social assistance by introducing a set of cash transfers programs. The largest program is a social, non-contributory pension transfer targeting the elderly, with other cash benefits for disabled people and veterans/survivor families of those killed in the independence struggle. These programs are complemented by a cash transfer targeted to single mothers with children (Bolsa da Mae) and a compensatory scheme targeting internally displaced people (IDPs); the latter will not be part of the longer term social protection initiatives in Timor.  There are also disaster relief programs managed by MSS.  At present, these programs operate largely with separate databases which are at varying stages of sophistication and functionality.  Due to the relatively recent establishment of programs, the administrative and operational capacity for successful implementation of cash transfers programs has been constrained by the absence of a robust and well-functioning MIS system that could effectively manage and maintain program data and beneficiary data such as the beneficiary database, monitoring (including conditionalities if needed), payments, and grievances. In particular, the fragmentation of program databases is an issue that MSS leadership has identified as a critical constraint which they would like to overcome through the integration of MSS beneficiary databases and development of MIS capability.
The World Bank is working closely with the Ministry to support the Ministry’s administration reform through establishing a comprehensive and integrated MIS system for social protection programs, and through adopting innovative ICT applications to improve the operations/service delivery efficiency and transparency of cash transfer programs. Towards this initiative, the Ministry recently received a grant from the World Bank to design and implement a comprehensive MIS system and necessary IT infrastructure (RSR-MDTF Social Protection Administration Project (P125784)). Concurrently, the Ministry requested for technical assistance from the Bank to support the design and establishment of the MSS’ standardized MIS, and completing the efforts supported by the Project.
This Terms of Reference outlines the scope of work for a National MIS/IT Consultant.
2.Objectives The overall objective of this assignment is to provide technical advice to the Ministry currently undergoing an administration reform through establishment of a standardized MIS. The objectives of the consultant are to ensure that MSS is advised on best international practices and standards in the processes of:
  • Establishment of a well-designed, robust and integrated MIS system for MSS that serves management, effective record keeping for service delivery, and program monitoring.
  • IT infrastructure enhancements and consolidation within the Ministry/departments in order to strengthen and improve business and operational processes of Cash Transfer programs with the help of effective IT systems.
  • Capacity building for MSS staffs on MIS/ICT implementation issues.
3.Scope of Work and Services
The consultant will perform duties and responsibilities under the guidance of the task team in ensuring close communication and liaison with MSS to ensure that the Task Team’s advice and recommendations are effectively communicated to MSS and document discussions and agreements.
Advisory Services on the MIS Development Activities, Progress Monitoring, Supervision and Implementation
Work closely with the task team, the consultant will advise MSS in the processes of monitoring and supervising suppliers to ensure that their supplied services and/or goods are in accordance with their respective technical specifications, expected deliverable and milestones. Specific processes in which the Consultant advise MSS include :
  • Advising MSS on overseeing the IT firm and participate in the meetings/discussion as a local resource person during the key project life cycle, with a particular focus on system testing and operational acceptance phase, system deployment phase, training and capacity building.
  • ·Assist and coordinate with MSS technical team during the system warranty period to facilitate smooth operation of MIS, and if any technical issues encountered, assist in providing first level of diagnostic technical support including the coordination with the respective Service Providers (IT firm, Timor Telecom) for the timely follow ups and resolution of any such identified issues.
  • Reviewing of the key documentation deliverables by the IT firm, such as training manuals and materials, test plans, operational acceptance criteria among others; prepare a check list of key deliverables expected from the Service Providers before the final handover. 
  • Advising MSS on the process of reviewing and inspecting of the hardware, networking, WAN delivered and installed by the vendors to ensure that the Bills of Quantity and specifications are in compliance with the Bid document; and subsequently inspect and supervise the hardware and software installation, configuration and implementation activities at central and local levels.
  • Advising MSS during the data migration and quality review, MIS system operational acceptance testing, MIS user training program.·Reviewing by-monthly progress reports submitted by various contractors/vendors, identify potential problems encountered;
  • Advising MSS in developing necessary human resource capacity and resource planning for effectively implementing and updating the systems at local and central levels once the system is in operational;
  • Advising MSS in establishing necessary IT policy and practices for system’s long term sustainability; 
  • Necessary coordination with the Director-General Office, SPAP Project Coordinator, SPAP Technical Working Group and MSS staff to work as team for achieving project objectives;
  • Developing capacity in the MSS IT team and other key MSS technical staffs to be an ongoing local resource person to MSS on MIS issues; and
  • Participating in meetings/discussions with various line ministries and counterparts including the World Bank project inception and review missions, and including other International consultants hired by the MSS/World Bank who are expected to work with MSS in the context of MIS development.
Key outputs
The key outputs will be a set of written products in line with the key activities outlined above.  Each draft report will be submitted to the World Bank task team and shared with MSS for review and discussion and then finalized:
  • Bi weekly activities/progress reports highlighting key achievements made, critical factors and challenges with recommendations on improvements;
  • Inputs to a detailed output based work plan including a timeline.
  • Training/workshop reports;
  • A draft technical note on key features of the established MIS system and recommendations for further development; and
  • Other reports and outputs upon request.
4.Period, reporting, and other arrangements
The assignment is for a total of 150 work days, starting immediately and to be completed by October 31 2014.  While the contract will be between the World Bank and the Consultant, it would be necessary to coordinate closely with the designated working group on MIS reforms of the Ministry of Social Solidarity (MSS), which will be the Implementing Agency for this project. The assignment will be primarily based in Dili with possibility of intermittent travel in districts during implementation phases of the project.
The Consultant will report to the World Bank project Task Team Leader, and liaise regularly with the SP Specialist in the WB Dili office. The World Bank technical team will also provide necessary suggestions/recommendations on the consultants’ reports and deliverables. In order to ensure maximum integration in the operations of MSS and support knowledge transfer to MSS IT staff, MSS would provide office space and support to the consultant, with additional support from World Bank resident Office. MSS would designate the primary interlocutor overall for the consultant, most likely from the working group on MIS reform in MSS, as well as nominating individuals in the IT section and IT officers where available in individual sections/programs of the Ministry to coordinate with the consultant.
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