PRADET-Manager Admin and Finance-CD 11 April 2014



PRADET provides psychosocial services to people experiencing mental illness, trauma, domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and human trafficking. PRADET is currently seeking to recruit a Manager for Admin and Finance with the position summary as follows;
Assist the Director to plan, develop and manage PRADET’s programs by supporting the operational activities of the organization including oversight of Finance, Administration, Human Resources and Logistics. The role requires the ability to think systematically and make high level decisions and involves a high degree of coordination, including supervision of staff, liaison and consultation with key staff in PRADET, and participation in some external forums, committees and interagency coordination meetings representing PRADET.
Minimum Qualifications/other requirements;
* Tertiary qualification
* Proven skills in program planning and management
* Minimum 3 years experience in managing admin, finance and human resource work including supervising staff
* Excellent organisational, diplomatic and reporting skills
* Excellent liaison and negotiation skills;
* Strong communication skills (verbal and written) within a cross cultural environment;
* Excellent Tetum or Indonesian language skills essential. Demonstrated ability to speak and write in English

Please submit your Resume and Cover Letter to:
Please obtain position description through PRADET website; or you can obtain it directly from Human Resource Unit at the PRADET office in HNGV.
If you need any further information please contact to -332 1562 / 7725 4597
Deadline for submitting application is April 11th, 2014
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